Bipolar UK runs over 100 Peer Support Groups across the UK. They are run by trained co-facilitators, and provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for people who are affected by bipolar disorder, whether directly or indirectly, to meet and discuss what they may have on their minds. As well as regular attendees, some groups also host events and guest speakers.

This month we are focusing on the incredible work done by the Lincoln Support Group, and inviting anyone in the area who needs support to come along. For more information about the Lincoln group, or to find your local Support Group, click here.

Lincoln Support Group

At present there are two main co-facilitators, John and Karrie, both with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. We are hoping that at least one more will be joining us shortly.

Please feel free to join us at any of our meetings. We are a friendly bunch and are always happy to receive new members.

Our meetings are pretty informal, with topics ranging from medication, benefits and other bipolar related topics to general chats about life, the Universe and everything in between. We sometimes even have cake!

Your donation will help provide a range of services offering the support people need, when they need it. You can make sure there's someone at the end of the phone to listen, a nearby group to share lived experiences, a 24-hour peer forum and more.

Together, we can support the person behind the diagnosis of bipolar.