The other day we ran a zoom workshop for young people and one of the topics we discusses was on drug use and the role it played with people with bipolar. It was interesting discussing what people thought about taking drugs and how is married up with taking medication. We touched on the subject of drugs being an unwise adventure but also acknowledging that at university and when you’re high or manic the allure of drugs can be tempting and can sometimes be inevitable if they are in your surroundings.

I find that I am such a control freak that the thought of most drugs isn’t that appealing as not knowing what side effects I could get from drugs scares me to death. In addition, I tend to be more on the higher end of the mood scale, so I feel I don’t need drugs to lift me up as I get it naturally. The drug of choice for me is either coffee, which I absolutely love or alcohol. Yet, even with alcohol I’m a tad wary as when I drink too much, I lose control over myself, which I find uncomfortable and I don’t like how long it takes to wear off.  For me drugs have never appealed but everyone is different; I guess experimentation can sometimes be a learning curve into seeing your limits and getting it out your system but I will ask taking drugs worth the risk and the consequences that follow from taking them?!? It is to be noted that drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy and LSD can have a much greater affect on your brain and mental processes than alcohol. When it comes to acquiring and taking drugs can you really honestly say you know what you're getting yourself into and know the risk that it entails by taking drugs in the first place. For me I think taking any drugs apart from the medication that I am prescribed is an absolute no no in my book. Just don't do it. I just personally think why take the risk of using drugs that can and in most cases does have a detrimental affect on your emotional and mental stability. I implore you to be wise and avoid drugs for your well-being and health. You'll thank me later I promise!

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