Resilience through Lockdown

Loren shares how being locked down was more redemptive than destructive whilst living with bipolar disorder. Read more

Exercise, my saviour

Personal Trainer Jane describes how exercise leaves her and people she coaches feeling invigorated and able to live effectively with bipolar disorder through strenuous medicinal activity. Read more

Letter to Matt Hancock about Priadel withdrawal

Bipolar UK and others are urging Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP to ensure a brand of lithium taken by people with bipolar disorder remains available to treat patients in the UK. Read more

My mate bipolar

Ash reflects on what she has learned so far managing his bipolar disorder. Read more

The journey to a bipolar diagnosis

It took Katie 12 years to receive a formal diagnosis. Her she details her journey struggling with bipolar disorder. Read more

Young People's Specialist Support Group

Are you aged between 18-25 and affected by bipolar, perhaps you are heading off to college or university for the first time or continuing with sixth form, working or finding life challenging without these options. Why not find out more about young people's peer support on Tuesday 15th September at 3pm Read more