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Did you know that you can now choose from a variety of events, and raise money for Bipolar UK, with our new partner? Read more

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We are expecting an unprecedented run on our tickets for this years conference. Don't get left behind secure your place today. Read more

True Colours

Julia Savage shares her personal experiences of bipolar disorder and taking part in the Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) mood monitoring system True Colours Read more

Help make a wheel difference

The Prudential 100 London to Surrey was well attended by various individuals representing different charities. This is our story. Read more

On the Spectrum

There is currently very little research or service development for older people with bipolar disorder. A study at the Spectrum Centre aims to address this gap Read more

Help shape our future

Can you spare some time to help? We want our website to help tell the story of bipolar and to be as user-friendly as possible. Read more

Advice to your younger self

If you could change your mindset by visiting a younger you, what advice would you give to yourself. Read more

The mighty bi bis

Mental health has a huge impact on your family and friends as does sexuality depending on where you live in the world. Read more