Daily tracker apps can make it much easier to document your mood, bipolar symptoms and habits and to recognise trends, triggers and patterns.

Apps are not a substitute for professional care, but they are an excellent resource for identifying problem areas and collecting data that can be shared with your doctors, family and support team. We’ve picked these apps to help you track, understand, or control your mood a bit better, so you can live a healthier, more balanced life.


eMoods lets you easily track your daily highs and. lows, sleep, medications, and other symptoms related to bipolar. It allows you to identify triggers or a cycle of events that could lead to a bipolar relapse.


Moodnotes can be used to observe and record your feelings and improve your thinking habits through positive psychology and CBT. By identifying bipolar triggers of your current mood, you can avoid common thinking traps.



Daylio is simple and easy to use. The app allows you to create a private mood diary and track your mood without having to type a word. There’s also a statistic and calendar area that’s useful for identifying patterns in moods and behaviours.



Moodscope enables you to describe, measure, track, share and manage your mood. It's fun to use involving a playing card mood assessment, graphs to track over time and it emails a daily blog.



With MoodLog, you can track your changes in mood as well as any symptoms that might be related to them, such as menstruation, headaches, nausea, panic, and more. The app also includes the option to indicate the severity of each for a more precise picture of your experience. Complete your profile with details about your therapy and medication, from timing to dose. MoodLog also has notifications you can set to remind you to open the app and log for the day.


Bipolar UK mood monitoring tools

Our mood scale can help you to describe your moods.

You can use this mood scale with our mood diary to help keep track of your moods.

Bipolar UK Mood Diary 2017


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