Coping strategies – Mania

In this short article Danny hopes to share some of the coping strategies for manic episodes and how to react to them. Read more


In this his second blog for Bipolar UK Nicky Chinn details how self care is paramount in his ability to live with bipolar disorder. Read more

Let It Out! How to Vent Powerful Emotions Safely

Blogger Martin Baker has previously  discussed three kinds of conversations you might encounter in a mutually caring relationship over at his blog ( Here he has kindly given permission to retell his story of how to vent emotions safely. Read more

Being kind to your mind

Since the start of the pandemic it has become really common for people to experience low mood and anxiety; especially during national and local lockdowns. Read more

Top tips for a decent night's sleep

Ellie covers the importance and difficulty of sleep for those who are experiencing hypomania. Here she outlines some of the key tips for a decent night's sleep. Read more

Top ten tips for dealing with anger

Dealing with anger is a tricky aspect of bipolar disorder to navigate and for loved ones to understand and cope with. We have a number of tips that will help. Read more

Drugs and bipolar disorder

Ellie gives her perspective on drug use and the effects they have on your mood. This follows the issue being raised at a recent workshop assembled for young adults. Read more

The allure of drugs

Drugs...Don't do it! Read more

Exercise, my saviour

Personal trainer Jane describes how exercise leaves her and people she coaches feeling invigorated and able to live effectively with bipolar disorder through strenuous medicinal activity. Read more

To drink...or not to drink

Alcohol: the attitudes and effects it has on bipolar Read more


With things slowly opening up again, Laura writes about an anxiety she’s had the opportunity to forget about over the last few months. The fear of escalators. Read more